How do I know I will get full value?

This is the most common concern that sellers have but rarely ask the question. Truth is that buyers will do their homework on the value of your home. They will bid up to what they can afford and no more, as would you in the same instance. No one will let someone steal your home at an outrageously low price. They will simply be outbid by someone less greedy! See some of our fun videos on how the process works.

Where can I find all the closing information ?

We will provide both sides of the sale with a list of escrow companies, Lawyers, Pest Inspectors, and Home inspectors for you to choose from. We receive nothing from these vendors in terms of compensation but rather provide them to our clients as a courtesy.

Why doesn’t everyone do this system?

  • Some have simply just not been introduced to the process yet.
  • Lots of people know a “friend” who is a Real Estate Agent and would feel “guilty” for not using them.
  • A full 80% of all homes in New Zealand are sold this way and the trend here in the United States is heading this way more and more.

Who is really selling my home?

Bottom line is …You are! We handle all the marketing, ads, paperwork, staff (during the showing), and forms to complete for you. You are there the day of the showings simply to answer questions (not covered in hand outs) for the potential buyers.

What is the rate you charge?

Our rates are typically configured in both flat fee, retainers and buyers fee. We would have to both see the property to know the cost of the marketing for that area as well as talk to you about how you would want to structure the fees. We have very flexible terms.

When is the right time to sell?

Real Estate markets change from year to year and season to season. There is no such thing as the perfect time. It is more important for you to now be able to pick your time to move. There are certain weeks of the year that we will not be able to sell your home to the best of our abilities. These times make sense in that they are Holiday weekends or Special Events type weekends that would compete with your home sale. We also only handle a select few homes each year so scheduling well in advance is advised.