Getting Started

So you’re ready now?

We’ve designed an easy to work with web information. Instructions and how to work with us to sell your home for the most profit. Included in the Quick Start Guide are the things you must consider as you start our system.

Remember if you prefer you can just call us at 707-456-7Day or 502-92-COACH (2-6224)

Email or call us to schedule your personal consultation with us to see if we are a good fit for you. There is no point to filling out forms if we recommend you do your sale a different way.

Download these forms:

  • Form 001- Contract for the sale of your home with us (retainer required).
  • Form 002- Quick_Start_Guide.pdf (your detailed help guide)
  • Form 003- Ala Carte Menu for customization_services.pdf (we send this to you after your consultation)

Just download, all the PDF files you need to get started building the outline for the sale of your home. We will provide you with the passwords needed to access the information once we have a signed contract with you.
We recommend that you ‘save’ a copy of the PDF files, and the Quick Start Guide to the “My Documents” folder for easy reference.

We highly recommend:

The starting steps begin here. This website is only a reflection of the more personal relationship we build with all our clients. You can download your more resource files from your members download page if you are a client with us.

Here are the starting steps outlined for you:

  • 1 – Download the .pdf contract to save your date (we only have so many per year).
  • 2 – Sign contract and return to us with retainer fee.
  • 3 – Start consideration of what time frame is best for you to sell.
  • 4 – Download all .pdf forms to complete on features of your home.
  • 5 – Get your legal description done (see the county clerk).
  • 6 – Get a list of local vendors in your area for inspections, escrow etc.
  • 7 – Begin the packing process.
  • 8 – Organize, organize and did we say organize?
  • 9 – Call our design expert (we supply a list of them) and schedule conference.
  • 10 – Tell all your friends and neighbors of your choice of sale.
  • 11 – Set up the time for us to meet and tour your home for the photos on brochure and website.
  • 12 – Contact the escrow companies from the supplied list or pick one you like.
  • 13 – Start Packing!

Important NOTE for sellers:

Don’t think that you will have all kinds of time to prepare to move. Once a price has been agreed upon some buyers will want immediate possession of the home. It is one of the reasons that they are purchasing…is the same reason your selling using our system…SPEED and ease of process.

Auction Details

Can you customize the auction for me?
Yes, we offer a special customization service that includes modifying decor of your home, details such as staging color, and images within etc.

Can I change the starting price?

You can change the price but you really won’t need to since it is just the starting point for the sale. Tradition real estate is always starting OVER priced then forced to sit and wait till you give in and lower the price or accept less. Our systems avoid all that and speed up the process as well.

Info boxes, and signs

  • All of our auctions include information boxes usually located in the front yard area, on the large signs we provide to you
  • Website listing included
  • We will professionally photograph your home
  • We supply all flyers for handout at the site
  • Buyer information supplied on your listing in downloadable .pdf form
  • We provide all website servicing included in our fee