Full Service for Marketing your home

“Sell when you are ready to sell”

Now you can pick the week that you want to sell your home and plan your move accordingly. No longer do you have to wait months and waste $$$.


We’ll do a step by step walk through of your home. Guidance, Resources and Documenting your property in full disclosure to put your “buyer’s community” at ease. Leaving no stone unturned, you will create an environment of trust that will sell your home for market value in just 7 days.


We call it “Feng Shui 101” . . . our professional interior designer, will guide you in clearing the clutter and refreshing your home for your “buyer’s community” . . .
What to display? What to put away? What to fix? What NOT to fix?

“Professional Staging”

Create that curb appeal and market edge needed to attract your “buyer’s community” and WOW them! We provide a competitive edge in the CURRENT real estate market . . . using furniture and items you already own. We tailor your property and appeal to the broadest “buyers community” possible.

“Advertising and Marketing”

Design, write and place target ads that attract an interested and ACTIVE “buying community”. That’s what we do.


We do professional photography of your property both inside and out. We then pass this to the design team for use in marketing materials and your custom website..

“MLS Listing”

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Yes we use it and so much more.

“Phone Calls”

Our expert team responds to every question concerning the process of selling your home. We list questions about your home from buyers and relay that back to buyers inquires.

“Open House”

We set up and provide everything necessary to hold a 2 (two) day open house where you will meet, greet and share your home with your “buying community”.

“Professional Phone Circle Auction”

On Saturday and Sunday we hold a Special Open House. This is the opportunity for your “buying community” to view your home, ask questions, and build their interest and trust in the process. All potential buyers must attend at least one day, in order to be eligible to bid at auction.

“The Close”

On Sunday evening we hold a private “phone circle” auction, beginning at 7pm. By 9pm your house will be sold “at MARKET VALUE” to the highest bidder